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creating the next generation of leaders

in the private, public and voluntary sectors around the world. We deliver high impact conferences and events which follow three principles:


These events are guaranteed to be both practical and original. They draw on the practice of setting up successful businesses and on original research on leadership around the world, including seven years of research with tribal societies.

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About Leadership Partnership

The Leadership Partnership is led by Jo Owen.
His track record includes:

  • Building a business in Japan
  • Starting a bank, which became HBOS  business banking
  • Starting six national charities, including Teach First which is due to become the largest graduate recruiter in the UK
  • Helping over 250 ex-offenders start their own, legitimate, businesses on release from prison
  • Getting sued for $12 billion
  • Starting the $2 trillion challenge

Leadership Skills Handbook wins CMI Book of the Year for new managers

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Based on interviews and surveys with over 1000 leaders in all industries and across the world, this book gives the new manager sixty practical skills to help you become more effective, faster. It also gives practical gudiance on managing your career, managing your self and building the behaviours of success.

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