This blog keeps you up to date with relevant news from us. They also include series of articles with give an alternative view on leadership. Hopefully they entertain and inform. If they entertain or inform they will have succeeded. We hope you enjoy them. These articles have appeared in various media such as Director Magazine and Today's Manager, and include excerpts from some of my books.

Are you on a global team or a global project?

I want to hear from you if you are on a global team or global project. If you are on such a team, you are part of the shock troops of globalisation.  And you will know that is not an easy place to be. Forget all the grand theories of gloablisation: you are having to   …Continue Reading

Global teams research

We are starting a major new research programme. Clients in all sectors tell us that making global teams work well is critical, and very difficult. In all the talk about globalisation and cultural differences, there is very little insight on how global teams and projects actually work. These global teams may be serving clients; managing   …Continue Reading

How to read and seeing the invisible

We have a problem. You are reading this (although possibly for not much longer): so why on earth should you read about how to read when you can already read? Because there is a huge difference between reading for pleasure and reading for business. I thought I knew how to read, until I came across   …Continue Reading

How to Lead: chapter one

Leadership is too often shrouded in mystery. To become leaders we are urged to become a combination of Genghis Khan, Nelson Mandela, Machiavelli and Ghandi A few people feel that they are already that good. The rest of us feel slightly small when measured against such giants. The mystery deepens when you try to define   …Continue Reading

Never a victim

I was walking down a dark street in my suit. The mugger must have thought Christmas had come early, even though I do not really look like Santa Claus, yet. With a knife and some fairly traditional Anglo-Saxon, he invited me to empty my pockets. This was not the mugger’s lucky day. I carry no   …Continue Reading

Too clever by half

Some people are too clever to lead. Luckily, this was a handicap I was never in danger of having to overcome. Coming 247th out of 250 in a mixed ability  school year group convinced me I was safe from being too smart. As a simple rule of thumb, and for me rules have to be simple, I   …Continue Reading

Where you sit is where you stand

The views from the top of Helvellyn are magnificent. At least, they are magnificent when the rain and the mist lift long enough to allow the sun to break through and light up a dramatic sky. From the top, you can see the hills and ridges and valleys and lakes disappearing into the distance. Half   …Continue Reading

Mind the gaps

We recently asked 700 people what they expect from their leaders. The answers were not surprising, although each person will have their own bias. The top five expectations were: ability to motivate others vision honesty and integrity decisiveness ability to handle crises So far, so good. Be decisive and give yourself an honest score against   …Continue Reading

The vision thing

The vision thing is irritating. It looks like leading an organisation which achieves great things is not enough. We have to have a vision. We have to be able to lead our people out of the desert and into the Promised Land. I decided to have a go at the vision thing. I got as   …Continue Reading

Truth and Trust

Perhaps we can be excused a little cynicism when politicians call for greater honesty in public life. For politicians and business schools honesty is part of an optional ethics course. Politicians opt in and out of honesty as necessary. For leaders, honesty is neither optional nor is part of the ethics course. It is part   …Continue Reading

The Values Game

Today we have a quiz: identify the company from the values they proclaim in their annual report: Candidate One: “Leadership, Integrity, Trust, Ownership, Passion for Winning”. Candidate Two: “Dialogue, Transparency, Respect, Sharing, Benefits” Candidate Three: “Be courageous, show passion, stay curious, teamwork works, give back, stay true.” Candidate Four: “We put customers first. We are   …Continue Reading

Failure and success

At Teach First we have started the leaders’ Cock Up Club. Admission criteria for this club are simple. You have to be a leader that is prepared to recount to our aspiring young leaders your greatest cock up. This is a self selecting club. Some grand leaders have never made a mistake in their lives.   …Continue Reading

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