This blog keeps you up to date with relevant news from us. They also include series of articles with give an alternative view on leadership. Hopefully they entertain and inform. If they entertain or inform they will have succeeded. We hope you enjoy them. These articles have appeared in various media such as Director Magazine and Today's Manager, and include excerpts from some of my books.

Careers versus careering

Career is both a verb and a noun. Some leaders enjoy a career as a noun. They diligently climb the career mountain, make their way to the top and hopefully make a difference when they get there. They are narrow band leaders: they are very good in the organisation and the industry which they have   …Continue Reading

The cult of inspiration

The conference promised “Inspirational Leadership for Inspirational Results.” At least the sandwiches were good, if not inspirational. Perhaps some people are inspired by such conferences. The rest of us feel a little daunted. Am I meant to put on my white suit and dancing shoes and inspire everyone before doing my tax return and email,   …Continue Reading

The leader’s monkeys

I used to think that great leaders were decisive: give them a problem and they would snap their fingers and come up with a piece of devastating and inspirational insight. Then I started to meet some leaders and my doubts started. One leader was truly decisive. He made snap decisions on most issues because most   …Continue Reading

Mind your language

Start in an industry we know little about it. By the time you become a leader in it, you should be able to spot meadow mayonnaise at four hundred paces. There are different ways to tune this exotic radar. One is to build an encyclopediac knowledge of the business. Another is to be able to   …Continue Reading

Computers, pruning shears and pens

Technology is providing managers with unprecedented ability to mismanage. Technology now allows managers to measure, monitor and control business activities to a degree unthought of thirty years ago. This should be good news. Except that vetting every email, monitoring every phone call and measuring the results of every action are hardly consistent with the brave   …Continue Reading

Picasso and the MBA

The curse of the MBA is upon us. The MBA is one of the few well named degrees: PhDs are rarely philosophers or doctors. But MBAs are truly Masters of Business Administration. They understand the theory of administration and understand nothing of the practice of leadership. The curse of the MBA is exhibited by their   …Continue Reading


The Inland Revenue recently informed me that they were moving my tax office to assure me of a better level of customer service. The Chancellor announced more spending as “investment” in the future. The Health Service never stops talking about how it is improving on its delivery against targets. We are suffering from rampant public   …Continue Reading

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