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You can not start a book at page one and finish at page 278 hoping to be the perfect leader. As an author, I am acutely aware that leadership is not learned by reading books: it is learned by doing leadership. But the problem with learning from experience is that experience is a random walk.

You have good experiences and you accelerate up the career ladder. Bad experiences mean you can fall off the career ladder. A good book will help take some of the randomness out of the random walk of experience; it will help you make sense of the nonsense you encounter; it will offer you a fresh perspective on your challenges and will give you some practical help and advice on the way. That is how I try to write all my books.

Leadership Rules: 50 Timeless Lessons for Leaders

There are a handful of truly inspired and inspirational leaders in the world – you know who they are… and probably wish you were one of them. But leadership isn′t easy – some say it′s an innate quality, a natural skill that only a select few demonstrate – but this thinking is nonsense, according Jo Owen. We can all become respected and effective leaders if we just follow some fundamental rules.

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The Leadership Skills Handbook

Winner of the 'New Manager' category at the CMI Management Book of the Year Awards.

Based on interviews and surveys with over 1000 leaders in all industries and across the world, this book gives the new manager sixty practical skills to help you become more effective, faster. It also gives practical gudiance on managing your career, managing your self and building the behaviours of success.

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The Mindset of Success

The best leaders act differently because they think differently. This research based book shows how you can acquire the seven mind habits of the best leaders.

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Management Rules: 50 New Rules for Managers

Jo has studied what makes a good manager everywhere from British soap powder companies, to inner city schools and Japanese banks. So whether becoming a manager has brought out the inner dictator in you or left you feeling painfully awkward, Management Rules will have you relaxed, confident and effective in no time.

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Management Stripped Bare

A brave and entertaining assault on the sacred cows of management... get ready for a provocative and entertaining look at how poorly we run our businesses and how to manage them better.

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How to Coach

This is the book for regular managers who want to get the most out of their team. Learn how to build the skills, capability and commitment of your team members. And the book is also your personal coach: the book not only shows you how to coach yourself, but shows you how to deal with over fifty of the most common questions which come up in coaching sessions. How to Coach your coach in your pocket.

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How to Manage

The ultimate how-to of management. Based on years of management practice and actually watching what good managers do, it cuts through the noise of management theory, to show you how to develop the skills, behaviour and emotions to thrive as a manager.

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How to Sell: Sell Anything to Anyone

We all have to sell – every day we sell ideas, agendas, priorities. Our ability to do this is crucial to our success in and out of work.

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How to Lead

The all new fourth edition of this classic book cuts right through all the myths and mysteries to get straight to the heart of what it really takes to motivate, inspire and deliver results at any level.

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How to Influence: The Art of Making Things Happen

How to Influence explores the art of making things happen, through other people. It’s key to your success – we all need other people to get ahead.

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Mobile MBA

Based on original research into some of the world’s best organisations, How to Lead cuts right through all the myths and mysteries to get straight to the heart of what it really takes to motivate, inspire and deliver results.

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The Death of Modern Management: How to Lead in the New World Disorder

There has been a strategic revolution – instead of following the rules, we now have to make them. For some this represents great risk; for others it is an enormous opportunity.

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