“This could easily be the best and most instructive book on management so far… an entertaining and instructive guide” – Personnel Today

You can not start a book at page one and finish at page 278 hoping to be the perfect leader. As an author, I am acutely aware that leadership is not learned by reading books: it is learned by doing leadership. But the problem with learning from experience is that experience is a random walk.

You have good experiences and you accelerate up the career ladder. Bad experiences mean you can fall off the career ladder. A good book will help take some of the randomness out of the random walk of experience; it will help you make sense of the nonsense you encounter; it will offer you a fresh perspective on your challenges and will give you some practical help and advice on the way. That is how I try to write all my books.

Tribal Business School

Tribal Business School opens a different window on the reality of the challenges we face today. Many tribes have survived far longer with far fewer resources and in far harsher environments than most modern firms. Maybe we can learn something from them. The essence of survival and success has not changed in thousands of years: Tribal Business School shows what it takes to survive anywhere, anytime.

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Power at Work: The Art of Making Things Happen

Free from theory, Power focuses on the practical skills any manager can learn and use to their advantage. Divided into six accessible areas, you’ll find everything you need to take command of the most important skill around. Here’s how you make things happen.

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Leadership Events

These events are guaranteed to be both practical and original. They draw on the practice of setting up successful businesses and on original research on leadership around the world, including seven years of research with tribal societies.

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Tribal Business School

Throw away the electronic fetters of phone, internet, email and computer. Get rid of health and safety, legal, HR, IT, facilities, brand police, accounting. All gone. Now try leading.

Tribal Events


Leadership Partnership Books

“This book is packed with ways to influence that range from transparent to devious. it explains how some people become influential, and some people do not. read this book if you want to get strangers at a dinner party to tell you how they lost their virginity!”

- Jonathan Huggett

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