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Anyone who writes about leadership should have the decency to practice what they preach.

Doing it is far harder than talking about it. Over the last thirteen years I have been lucky enough to be a founder of seven successful start ups and two total failures: we learn from success and failure equally. In each case, the successful start ups have been down to a great idea coupled with a great team: it has been a privilege to work with so many outstanding individuals.

Teach First

Teach First recruits outstanding graduates to teach in the most challenging schools, and it helps the graduates become the leaders of the future in all fields: in education and beyond. Started in late 2001, Teach First is on track to become the UK’s largest graduate recruiter by 2013.

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Teaching Leaders

Teaching Leaders develops outstanding middle leaders for the most challenging secondary schools in the country. Currently working with 250 participants in each year over a two year programme.

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Achievement for All

AfA has developed a method for helping SEND children (special educational needs and disability) to develop their full potential by linking parents, teachers and children better. AfA will be working in over 6000 UK schools by 2014.

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Start Up

So far, Start Up has helped over 250 ex-offenders start their own legitimate businesses on release from prison. Their re-offending rate is under 5% versus 65%. If the government wakes up, this could save the taxpayer £50 million a year at national scale. Are you listening, David Cameron?

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STIR Education

STIR started in 2012 and identifies micro innovations which work in schools in the most disadvantaged societies globally. It works on a city by city basis to identify and build best practice. Delhi has elected to become the global pilot city for this new approach to raising standards.

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Future Leaders

Future Leaders identifies and develops high potential future heads for the most challenging secondary schools. Currently working with about 70 participants each year, over a four year programme.

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Leadership Events

These events are guaranteed to be both practical and original. They draw on the practice of setting up successful businesses and on original research on leadership around the world, including seven years of research with tribal societies.

Events & Coaching

Tribal Business School

Throw away the electronic fetters of phone, internet, email and computer. Get rid of health and safety, legal, HR, IT, facilities, brand police, accounting. All gone. Now try leading.

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Leadership Partnership Books

“Wonderfully clear, engaging, detailed and practical.”

- Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School

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