Over the last thirty years I have worked with 100 of the best, and a couple of the worst, organisations on our planet.

From each and every one, I have learned what works and what does not. I am hugely grateful to them for letting me part of their journey. Here are some of the more successful and better known organisations I have worked with: Below are the six charities I have helped found. If any of them inspire you, give me a call.

Leadership Events

These events are guaranteed to be both practical and original. They draw on the practice of setting up successful businesses and on original research on leadership around the world, including seven years of research with tribal societies.

Events & Coaching

Tribal Business School

Throw away the electronic fetters of phone, internet, email and computer. Get rid of health and safety, legal, HR, IT, facilities, brand police, accounting. All gone. Now try leading.

Tribal Events


Leadership Partnership Books

“This book is packed with ways to influence that range from transparent to devious. it explains how some people become influential, and some people do not. read this book if you want to get strangers at a dinner party to tell you how they lost their virginity!”

- Jonathan Huggett

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