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Time is short. To master all the skills of management would take several lifetimes which we do not have. If you believe the experts, even mastering a simple technique like MB/TI takes years. And that misses the point completely. The goal is not to become an expert in every management tool. The goal is to become an expert manager. That means we need to learn fast, grow and adapt to our environment.

Instead of a grand theory of management, skills pills exist to give managers a short cut way of understanding the core skills we all have to manage. Once you have understood the principle, skills pills assume that you are smart enough to figure out how to use them in your unique circumstances.

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The skill pills introduced here are a grab bag of goodies from the book. I would encourage you to rate and respond: if you have better ideas on how to deal with each topic, then please feel free to share your ideas with other visitors to this site. No one has a monopoly on wisdom: we all gain from each other’s wisdom, knowledge and experience.

What people buy and why

If you want to market your product or service, it helps to know why people buy. What you think you sell and what people hope to buy may not be the same thing. Your product or service works at three levels for the customer: Features Benefits Hopes and dreams Some highly simplified examples will make   …Continue Reading

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How to Price

Have you ever heard a customer or a salesman say that your prices are too low? All the pressure is to lower prices. But the road to profit is higher prices. So how do you price? There are three basic ways to price: Cost plus Add a margin to your basic (variable) costs and hope   …Continue Reading

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The marketing brief

You do not need to be a marketing expert to contribute to the marketing discussion. Often, marketing is not about knowing all the answers, but about asking smart questions. The best questions are the simplest ones, which cut to the heart of the business. And the best way of getting to the heart of the   …Continue Reading

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Creating a vision for your firm, and your team

Visions are dangerous. They are the land of saints and sinners; the bigger the vision the bigger the chance of disaster. Fortunately, visions are not about copying Martin Luther King and declaring “I have a dream….” Whatever you dreamed about last night, do not share it with your boss. Fortunately, a vision is much simpler.   …Continue Reading

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Strategy and the art of unfair competition

The goal of strategy is very simple: you have to find a source of unfair competition which results in making excess profits. Regulators and competitors should hate you for this, but without it, you fail. Every firm needs to make “excess” profits somewhere to stay alive: this profit sanctuary will help to pay for all   …Continue Reading

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Dealing with strategy

If you want to become a top manager, you have to show you can handle a strategic discussion. Fortunately, you do not need to have an MBA to think strategically. Remember that most of the world’s billionaires did not even finish university, let alone do an MBA. MBA students are taught to believe that they   …Continue Reading

Dealing with strategy

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